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This is the site for Romance with the Unexpected, Contemporary and  Other World. You’ve come to the right place for a new perspective. Have an explore here for some fresh ideas. If you’re a writer there are tips and writing exercises in the Blog. If you’re a reader you’ll find some short stories from that ‘far side’ or possibly closer to home than you might like to imagine.

Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and Contemporary are my focus.

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Latest articles from the blog

Book Fair Report

I decided to take my printed books to Ages of Pages book fair in Hamilton a week ago. There was plenty of interest but I had neglected to display a wider genre than my Paranormals. I’ll know next time to take along my romance work. By next year I’ll have a Young Adult, New Adult, […]

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The Joy of Books

I have had several of my books professionally printed, as you can see here, laid out on my table at the book fair a couple of weeks agoin Ponsonby. These and others are also available as e-books. https://www.amazon.com/Pamela-Gervai/e/BO1N579BJX I find myself going back to my own books and enjoying them in the printed form as […]

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A Growing Thing

Spring is the time for burgeoning growth and for potential to be laid down for Autumn’s harvest. It’s the planning that counts; the groundwork that leads to a successful fruition. So it is with writing a novel. It doesn’t just leap magically forth from the keyboard. There are years of growth behind its production. The […]

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Covid19 Meanderings and Musings

Here in New Zealand we have had no community transmissions of the virus for a month. We have 3 that have recently emerged who were from overseas. 2 should have been staying in quarantine but came out on compassionate grounds. They should have been tested first as it turns out, one had the virus without […]

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