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at the book fair

I decided to take my printed books to Ages of Pages book fair in Hamilton a week ago. There was plenty of interest but I had neglected to display a wider genre than my Paranormals. I’ll know next time to take along my romance work. By next year I’ll have a Young Adult, New Adult, and Children’s book to display and sell. Mind you, it’s all very well having the grand plan but in spite of having a storyline ready, implementing the thing is another story – so to speak. I must say I do like having my books in print. They’re more substantial than e-books which seem to me, to dwell in the ether, although I do have several there.

The venue at Hamilton Gardens was very pleasant and well organised. Now that we have a bubble with Australia, there will be a wider selection of books and authors than just us New Zealanders. A lot of people expressed surprise that NZ has so many authors. I would say a very small fraction of NZ authors were there in fact. I don’t think anyone came up from the South Island.

Next year Ages of Pages will be held again at the same venue on 2 April. I’m looking forward to meeting some new readers as well as the regulars.

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