Available as an e-reader or print book from Amazon as of Monday 11 December. This is a YA Dystopian – the first of the Hames Hunter series. It’s a broken world but it is in a state of mending. A bacterial outbreak has changed the world as we know it, and overwhelming pollution has done the rest. Survivors live under a new regime. It is no longer a struggle to survive – as such.  Those in control have formed a solid network which ensures a comfortable enough existence for those who live in structures above ground. What lies beneath is a different story and the two protagonists of this novel belong to a select elite who keep that area controlled.

In this artificial world there are challenges barely understood by the superior Hames. The hunters they educate and employ face the odds for the Hames, and work at their behest to destroy that which confronts them in the darkness below ground. The question is whether they should be trying to understand the challenge. It’s not dissimilar to a doctor who chooses to get rid of the symptoms for his patient without looking for the cause. At least, this is a question which three teens in this novel think needs investigation, although their peers and those who rule the new world disagree.

There are some very base level challenges that confront Cay and Jaxon, who are the main protagonists – not least, matters within themselves which threaten their own survival. The danger for them is not only beneath their world but within themselves. Meeting these challenges will have a bearing on their world’s future.

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