A Growing Thing

Spring is the time for burgeoning growth and for potential to be laid down for Autumn’s harvest. It’s the planning that counts; the groundwork that leads to a successful fruition.
So it is with writing a novel. It doesn’t just leap magically forth from the keyboard. There are years of growth behind its production. The successful dinner party starts with recipes and the invitations. So with a novel, all those years of learning culminate in the production.
I am currently writing a guide to the writing craft which offers short cuts or key phrases to give you an immediate launch pad into writing that book you always wanted. The monthly writing group I tutor has helped tremendously in this production. It should be in print early next year.
Like most things you want to remember, a key phrase will open a window of insight from which you can write the sort of work that grabs your reader. You’ll also find an illustrative vignette for each phrase, and of course, can email me for advice if something isn’t clear.
I am currently getting my ebooks into print. I have enough to fill a bookshelf now. And they will be available from our NZ National library.
More news soon.


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