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Water and Writing have W in common and they have Pamela in common too. I like to immerse myself in both. Ever since I could hold a pencil, making marks on paper drew me and so did water. Things live in water – even in a mud puddle. Things below surfaces hold my attention; the psychology of ‘what lies beneath’ intrigues me as a writer. None of us is measured only by what we present on our surface.

I’m a Kai Viti – born and bred in Fiji as was my Mother and her Mother. The magic of those islands has instilled itself in my world. Although I live in New Zealand now, that tropical undercurrent always remains.
Expect of my writing therefore that things will not always be as they appear. I write contemporary romance  and paranormal and urban fantasy in which you will find new perspectives on everyday subjects. You can read examples of my work on this site.

I also take a monthly writing group. You will see examples of their work on these pages occasionally and I will publish here the best work sent in from the writing exercises – with the contributor’s permission first of course.

I was the Convener for the Auckland Chapter of the Romance Writers of New Zealand. Our meetings are monthly. I organised speakers and we cover a huge range of topics to do with the business and the craft of writing. Most of us come home after these meetings itching to get tapping on the keyboard. If you are a paid up member of RWNZ, you qualify to attend our monthly meetings. I cannot emphasise enough how much this association has helped me develop my work. I knew I could write. Now I know I can write to current readership expectations and in general, better than I ever did before.

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