Another (Brief) Suspense Story

Craig knew what he had to do. He waited. And he held close to his body the
promise of revenge.


The cell door swung back against the concrete wall with such a crash it set
up a hum in the steel rails of Craig’s narrow bed. Craig had no time to
react. Rough hands seized his blanket and his body. His ankles, hobbled by
the tangle of his bed linen, tumbled him on to the rough, stone floor.His
eyes long accustomed to nights without end, winced at the open doorway’s
stab of light.

‘Stand up!’

Craig recognised the voice although it had learned to snarl. He knew that
fat shape haloed by the bright outdoors. The team’s betrayer had summoned
the courage at last to confront him. Craig closed his fingers round the one
thing he had held on to throughout his time in the dark. They thought they
had found everything. His clothes had been taken, his watch, even his
glasses. Under the skin over the pad of his palm the object itched and
burned. There was just one thing he had to do now. He lurched sideways as if
he sought to push himself up in response to the command. The guards who had
thrust him off his bed, stood back.


Craig swung his open hand in an arc as he shot to his feet. His palm
connected with the coward commander’s chin. The smack of the collision tore
Craig’s palm open and the tiny magneto device in his hand exploded. In the
sulphuric flash Craig saw blood spatter. The face of his tormentor
disintegrated. Out of a hole in the wet, red mass erupted an inhuman howl.
The commander fell to his knees. Craig leapt over his huddled body before
the guards could react. He was gone – into the light – into the wide embrace
of the wild green world of freedom.


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