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Covid19 Meanderings and Musings

Here in New Zealand we have had no community transmissions of the virus for a month. We have 3 that have recently emerged who were from overseas. 2 should have been staying in quarantine but came out on compassionate grounds. They should have been tested first as it turns out, one had the virus without […]

Water on my Mind

In my novel ‘Tides of Tomorrow‘ I make mention of water-rich New Zealand. Well! Currently we have a drought in Auckland which is the main city of our country. The North Island is also suffering a drought, which is particularly hard for our agricultural sector. For those who don’t know, New Zealand is a group […]

Covid19 thoughts

Covid19 thoughts

There’s a lot to consider. Who’d have thought we’d have such a change to our lives? My Young Adult fiction novel isn’t so far fetched after all. Mind you, some of the inhabitants could be fantastical but who knows what Evolution could manufacture. If a ‘bug’ can mutate, so might a more complex being, given […]

The Hidden Element

In the following brief story the ‘hidden element’ is the Back Story. The challenge is to introduce this element unobtrusively. The picture here? Look carefully. Within it is a camouflaged NZ native frog. That illustrates what can be hidden in a plot. Of course more than Back Story is introduced unobtrusively by a crafty writer. […]