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Information for the writer

You just never know when something might be the very thing you’ve been looking for. Ever expereienced Writers’ Block?

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this excerpt is an example of my Urban Fantasy writing; You know how it is at the end of the day. In winter especially. Night comes early and already closes in on your way home…well, for some of us anyway.

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This short story is an example of my Paranormal Romance work;           Dank and crumbling, the wall offered no comfort to Shayenne’s cheek hard up against it. The darkness pressed like a tangible blindfold across her eyes. Scents of mouldy decay clustered in her nostrils.

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The Unfortunate Woman

The unfortunate woman

This story developed from an exercise in using humour. The writing group I teach, teaches me at the same time. I do the exercises too;              ‘Oh, THAT unfortunate woman!’ Mrs Peabody curled her lip when her neighbour mentioned Sally Nichols. ‘She came to see me yesterday. The first thing she did

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