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A Growing Thing

Spring is the time for burgeoning growth and for potential to be laid down for Autumn’s harvest. It’s the planning that counts; the groundwork that leads to a successful fruition. So it is with writing a novel. It doesn’t just leap magically forth from the keyboard. There are years of growth behind its production. The […]


Rainbow lights in Auckland Viaduct. They signal the promise of a welcome to the Volvo Yacht Race sailors. There’s a further promise of what we hope will be – the base here in Auckland for the America’s Cup yachties from around the world in a few years time. I like to bring promises into my […]

Seasonal Affliction

  It’s summer here in New Zealand. I look out at the garden glowing in the bright sunlight,

Writing Sideways – Adding Passion

I had this splendid plan and it was working brilliantly at 1000 words an hour. At 72k words the whole thing became like an unwieldy stack of bricks. Suddenly I couldn’t see the next scene. Something was lacking for the drive forward to continue.