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A Growing Thing

Spring is the time for burgeoning growth and for potential to be laid down for Autumn’s harvest. It’s the planning that counts; the groundwork that leads to a successful fruition. So it is with writing a novel. It doesn’t just leap magically forth from the keyboard. There are years of growth behind its production. The […]

Behind the Red Door

Have you heard the song that goes ‘What’s Behind the Green Door?’ It’s an old one but it’s fun. There seems to be a party going on behind the door. Well – here’s a red door. Red is the colour for good luck and it is the traditional colour of the bride’s dress in China.

5 Pathways

Life and writing serve as a philosophical guide for each other. Like the 8-fold path of Buddhism there is a 5-fold path for living as a writer – and reader for that matter.

Decision Factor

Sarah had removed herself from the crowd, and found herself a place beside a garden hedge where she wouldn’t readily be discovered. She was quite overwhelmed