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Mandy was impressed at how comfortable the boy had become in the presence of the tribal elder. The man who had seemed so fierce and ready to attack on a whim no longer showed his filed teeth in an angry grimace when Ian approached, but instead revealed them in a wide smile. Mandy didn’t like […]

Behind the Red Door

Have you heard the song that goes ‘What’s Behind the Green Door?’ It’s an old one but it’s fun. There seems to be a party going on behind the door. Well – here’s a red door. Red is the colour for good luck and it is the traditional colour of the bride’s dress in China.

The Beginning

  I stared at the envelope for the longest time. The handwriting; bold and commanding dared me to open it.


  Sitting alone in the half light of the pub, immersed in the fumes of several alcoholic beverages, Jack saw wings.