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A Growing Thing

Spring is the time for burgeoning growth and for potential to be laid down for Autumn’s harvest. It’s the planning that counts; the groundwork that leads to a successful fruition. So it is with writing a novel. It doesn’t just leap magically forth from the keyboard. There are years of growth behind its production. The […]

Allison’s Path

  ‘Don’t step on the Gila Monster.’ Her companion’s warning touch to her arm that accompanied his words, brought her vision into sudden hard focus. He was right. A leathery monster creature lay in their path where she would have trodden – in fact, right where everyone else was treading, as oblivious to it, as […]

Something Rotten

They look like pink tassels, stiffened and propped upright, sprouting from a salutation of graceful greenery. Behind the ginger plants, rainbow leaves of a bushy croton hover over the sandy soil like predatory fingers, claws as yet retracted.

Action, Scene 1

BRACE!!!!  BRACE!!! The blare of the command shocked Judy out of her comatose state. She opened her eyes to pitch darkness – and in a seat. Not in her bed. Not a bad dream.