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A Little Knowledge

A Little Knowledge

Antonio Velez mopped the perspiration from his eyes.  He’d spent the last month living with a small Indian tribe in the Amazon. This deprived existence was for his thesis as a Social Anthropologist – and Archeologist  leading on from that. Now he was making his way out of the jungle to the border where he […]

Hiatus Overcome

Recovering from surgery but trying to return to writing

Behind the Red Door

Have you heard the song that goes ‘What’s Behind the Green Door?’ It’s an old one but it’s fun. There seems to be a party going on behind the door. Well – here’s a red door. Red is the colour for good luck and it is the traditional colour of the bride’s dress in China.


Rainbow lights in Auckland Viaduct. They signal the promise of a welcome to the Volvo Yacht Race sailors. There’s a further promise of what we hope will be – the base here in Auckland for the America’s Cup yachties from around the world in a few years time. I like to bring promises into my […]