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Writing Sideways – Adding Passion

I had this splendid plan and it was working brilliantly at 1000 words an hour. At 72k words the whole thing became like an unwieldy stack of bricks. Suddenly I couldn’t see the next scene. Something was lacking for the drive forward to continue.

Wild Romance You can find romance anywhere. Even the Snake in the Grass is romantically inclined in the spring.

MIND OUT paperback

‘Mind Out’ was originally published as an e-book. It is now available in print and can be ordered from Purview Publishing, PO Box 67098, Auckland 1349 or direct from Amazon. It is available for readers to purchase here. It was reviewed by a Romance Writers of New Zealand judge as follows; An intriguing story set […]

5 Pathways

Life and writing serve as a philosophical guide for each other. Like the 8-fold path of Buddhism there is a 5-fold path for living as a writer – and reader for that matter.