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This short story is an example of my Paranormal Romance work;           Dank and crumbling, the wall offered no comfort to Shayenne’s cheek hard up against it. The darkness pressed like a tangible blindfold across her eyes. Scents of mouldy decay clustered in her nostrils.

The unfortunate woman

The Unfortunate Woman

This story developed from an exercise in using humour. The writing group I teach, teaches me at the same time. I do the exercises too;              ‘Oh, THAT unfortunate woman!’ Mrs Peabody curled her lip when her neighbour mentioned Sally Nichols. ‘She came to see me yesterday. The first thing she did

White Stars

White Stars

This short story was written as an exercise in the Camera Technique, a writing technique where you change the focus from close up to far away (or vice versa)… Stars on the walls. They had six petals. Magen Davids stretched out. Far above, between the buildings the sky; no sunshine, just grey.