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Sofa; not So Good

‘It’s where it has to be,’ she told me decisively. ‘But that’s what I came over for. Don’t you want me to make your lounge more practical for you – now you’re on your own.’ ‘No,’ she said. ‘Not that piece. He was going to move it you see.’ Her lip trembled. Her son had […]

Give us a Hand…

Who doesn’t need a hand occasionally? A comforting pat of reassurance may suffice or lending a hand in a more physically uplifting way at other times. In my writing the best hand I can receive is someone’s in writing a review of one of my works. My problem is in putting my efforts into marketing. […]

Sarah’s Time – novella

The third in the Bookstore Demon novella series. Peruse Sarah’s Time here

More Publications & Review

Great review; This is the second novella in the Bookstore Demons series and although not my usual genre, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story isn’t about demons wreaking havoc or trying to destroy the earth, rather it’s about life and love within their own demon brotherhood – spicy sex scenes included. If you enjoy seeing a […]