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The Hidden Element

In the following brief story the ‘hidden element’ is the Back Story. The challenge is to introduce this element unobtrusively. The picture here? Look carefully. Within it is a camouflaged NZ native frog. That illustrates what can be hidden in a plot. Of course more than Back Story is introduced unobtrusively by a crafty writer. […]


Mandy was impressed at how comfortable the boy had become in the presence of the tribal elder. The man who had seemed so fierce and ready to attack on a whim no longer showed his filed teeth in an angry grimace when Ian approached, but instead revealed them in a wide smile. Mandy didn’t like […]

The Beginning

  I stared at the envelope for the longest time. The handwriting; bold and commanding dared me to open it.

Decision Factor

Sarah had removed herself from the crowd, and found herself a place beside a garden hedge where she wouldn’t readily be discovered. She was quite overwhelmed