Covid19 Meanderings and Musings

Here in New Zealand we have had no community transmissions of the virus for a month. We have 3 that have recently emerged who were from overseas. 2 should have been staying in quarantine but came out on compassionate grounds. They should have been tested first as it turns out, one had the virus without realising it, and the other caught it from her. Case number 3 was still in quarantine fortunately, so contained. We’re all hoping that everyone who was in contact with the first 2 will prove negative. We are back to normal otherwise in most respects. We’re able to travel within the country so we lost no time in leaving town to visit up north. The photo is of Mangawhai Heads which is about an hour and a half of driving from Auckland. We stayed there over the weekend.

As yet, our borders remain closed. Anyone coming here from overseas has to quarantine for two weeks and be tested for Covid19 over that time. Flights leaving our shores are few and infrequent. Most of us are nervous of travelling overseas as yet. What a Dystonian era this is turning out to be. We are lucky being surrounded by sea so visitors are easily ‘captured’. The problem now is a looming economic recession. We were closed for business for the most part over our lock-down months. People are out of work. When a job is advertised, hundreds apply. It’s impossible to answer all the applications. It’s going to take quite a while to overcome the forced business inertia and get the whole shebang back into gear once more.

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