Covid19 thoughts

There’s a lot to consider. Who’d have thought we’d have such a change to our lives?
My Young Adult fiction novel isn’t so far fetched after all. Mind you, some of the inhabitants could be fantastical but who knows what Evolution could manufacture. If a ‘bug’ can mutate, so might a more complex being, given time.

It seems to me we should be moving smartly off planet although beings existing on a new planet for us may well be muttering, ‘I hope they don’t come here!’I don’t think we have good references from our poor old Earth, do you? I’d like to think future generations would be able to put this right but perhaps the only hope for Earth is to have us humans wiped out altogether. Was Covid19 Gaia’s (Mother Earth’s) covert plan all along to rid herself of this pesky toxic creature?

Years ago I mourned the destruction of the creek in Fiji in which I used to fish for inhabitants for my aquariums. The river pools held magnificent Sailfin mollies and was overhung by greenery along the banks in which small birds trilled. People in power had workmen concrete it into a channel and cut down the trees. What a loss that was to wildlife and to me.
The concept of ecosystems and conservation was a foreign one at that time and I was thought a nerd to get myself muddy on the banks of that creek and also the larger and murkier Nasese River.

Nevertheless these memories continue to haunt and influence my adult life. Such things have power into the future where change might be wrought at last.Some people wait for a cataclysmic religious event to ‘ Save the world’ meaning us. I think the world will save itself if we don’t learn to live with nature. We will be but a blip in its history



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