Mandy was impressed at how comfortable the boy had become in the presence of the tribal elder. The man who had seemed so fierce and ready to attack on a whim no longer showed his filed teeth in an angry grimace when Ian approached, but instead revealed them in a wide smile.
Mandy didn’t like to ask Ian how he had gained the man’s friendship as she wanted the boy had been badly lacking in self-esteem until now. She hoped that Ian had learned that his own sweet nature was sufficient to win himself approbation from others.
It was not until a week later when she passed by bushes surrounding the hut that she stopped at the sound of a low chuckle. It was followed by an animal sound as of a creature slobbering over a tasty meal. The sound was obscene in its intensity. She peered through the shrubbery feeling the skin prickle on the back of her neck.
Ian sat crouched in front of the tribal elder. In his arms was a large platter of semi cooked flesh. He smiled at the man as he served him large pieces on the thick tines of a native wooden fork. Mandy released a sigh of relief but then noticed more of what was lying in the dish. It was difficult to see clearly but in the next instant she stifled a scream. On the fork Ian held out to the man, clung meat that hung from a child’s tiny arm bone.

This was an exercise in creating emotion. I could expand on this for a horror story.

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