Fire in the Blood – reader response

A big thank you to reader Kay who asked me for a print copy and kindly commented as follows;

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“…and I have finished reading “Fire In The Blood”.

Wow!!!  Right the way through I kept on marvelling at your incredible imagination as well as your dedication to get up and write every day.

I kept on thinking “My friend wrote this!!”

GOOD ON YOU!!!!  You must have an incredible sense of achievement. And of course, that’s not the only one. I will be interested to see what happens next.”

In fact ‘Ice in the Blood’ is what happens next. You’ll find the same characters appearing as were in ‘Fire in the Blood’. However they are finding out a lot more about themselves in this novel, and some surprising things about the other characters. Stories are developing around them all. The Light Angel series promises to be more than 3 books, the way things are going. At this stage I have 89k words written for ‘Ice in the Blood’ so it is reaching a finale. There’s conflict of course – internal as well as external. Someone may die or someone may change totally like a butterfly escaping the cage of the chrysalis.  Even being the writer I am being surprised what happens – the characters often dictate what happens next, more than I can predict.

I often think of writing a novel is very much like doing a jig-saw; bits come together where you least expect. When the whole thing is done, it’s very satisfying. I’m very much looking forward to publishing ‘Ice.’ And of course the Blazemaker series second novel ‘Dual Intent’ is well underway as well. It’s very exciting for me, as much as for the reader, to see how things turn out.




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