Give us a Hand…

Who doesn’t need a hand occasionally? A comforting pat of reassurance may suffice or lending a hand in a more physically uplifting way at other times. In my writing the best hand I can receive is someone’s in writing a review of one of my works. My problem is in putting my efforts into marketing. It’s a time thing. And it’s also a matter of getting my head around the logistics of doing it. It all seems rather complicated and thereafter having succeeded in the production of the advertising, maintaining the thing. I’d rather just write but getting my books ‘out there’ is awfully difficult.

So…what to do? I just simply have to come to grips with the social media aspect and stop scratching my head over it. ‘Bite the bullet’ – now where does that saying come from? We know the meaning as in settle down to it; face the facts &tc but it’s become a cliché. Why would anyone bite a bullet for it to have that meaning? It doesn’t seem like  particularly good or wise advice to me. It wouldn’t taste too good for a start and it might be dangerous mightn’t it? So, no I won’t bite the bullet.

Instead, starting with the link below could be a help…


I have to remember how to link the above properly – it will be done once I’ve consulted my social media guru…




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