Hiatus Overcome

Recovering from surgery but trying to return to writing
proved very difficult – not least because I needed to have my leg up to keep the pain minimal. So, I set up my writing station on the bed. That proved awkward although I did manage some editing. When it came to adding new material, the pain meds destroyed my focus. Rather grudgingly I had to return to the exercise/rest/sleep/exercise routine instead. Days passed but my mind returned. The knee healed to the extent I could return to my writing desk. The good news is that ICE IN THE BLOOD is close to publication now.

As ICE is the sequel to FIRE IN THE BLOOD, I am looking to publish the sequel, offering book one, FIRE as a free promotional copy for a short time. I am also looking at a complete republish of all my work which is currently on Amazon plus printed copies in a much improved printed format as well as a refreshed email production. It’s good to have a plan. Obviously this may prove to be a long term process. Nevertheless, nothing has been wasted of the initial efforts. As I have just shown a good friend, who came to me for advice, submitting an entry to a competition is worth doing if only for the practice of doing so.

So here’s a toast to all writers, meeting a hiatus in their production, for whatever reason. There really is a road forward – and that goes for anyone feeling frustrated that things are not working out. PERSISTENCE PAYS.

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