this excerpt is an example of my Urban Fantasy writing;

You know how it is at the end of the day. In winter especially. Night comes early and already closes in on your way home…well, for some of us anyway. You’re tired from figures on the computer screen, words on Windows, verbiage from the fibreglass optics or some other sort of magical conveyance – satelite in space, whatever.

Fatigue rules. That’s the leader into it I’m sure. Anyhow that’s how Melanie came to see it. She twisted the wheel, slid sideways, domino effect.

‘It was a person,’ she insisted, shaking, tearful. ‘Right in front of my car.’

‘Yeah right,’ said the police officer, Traffic Detail, writing out a fine for Dangerous Driving.

I’ve learnt to ignore these night people. You just keep driving. Pretend you don’t see them or they’ve got you. They’ll dog you. You wake up in the middle of the night and they’re even pulling at your bedsheets.

You can tell they’re not human. They’re too small and they scuttle, sideways like crabs. You don’t see their faces at first but when you do you know for sure you should ignore them. You really don’t want them to be your buddies. You sure as heck don’t want them to know you’re aware of them. I made that mistake just once and that once was enough.

I was tired. That’s step number one. Summer sun in the park. Step number two was sitting on the park bench and semi dozing. I wasn’t complaining when he sat down beside me at all. High, wide and handsome, although when I met his eye there was something not quite right and when I looked at the leash in his hands, or more like what was on the end of the leash, I must say I stopped dozing. Too late. The flash in his eyes told me he knew.

‘My critter,’ he grinned, baring teeth as white and as sharp as his critter’s. Too many teeth in his leashed animal’s mouth. Too large in his own.

‘I don’t know what you mean.’ I made to get up.

‘You’d better sit down and be still.’ He put out a hand to stay me and seeing it was like a band of iron on my arm, stay I did. ‘Since you can see it, you’d better learn something about them – and about us.’

‘Us?’ That sounded too inclusive for my taste. I don’t have huge teeth for a start.

Laughter rumbled in his throat like midsummer thunder as he watched shock and disbelief register on my face.

‘You’re one of us alright. No doubt about it.’

Before I could move, his hands were at my collar, three buttons down and pulling aside my blouse.

‘Yup. No doubt about it.’

I have a mark. It’s a bit unusual. For some reason it has a gold dust effect in sunlight. My boyfriends like touching it. It’s raised and shaped like a crescent moon.

‘Yeah – you’ll need to know about that. Guess your ‘Mother’ never told you, eh?’

Sineseus – that’s his name, became my mentor and this is where the real story begins.


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