Meeting Your Demon

He leaned feline languid against the brick wall. Selinda stopped dead still and held her breath. The very air seemed to vibrate around him. In her role as Slayer under command of the DemoBrotherhood, she knew she had seen it all; the broad and the short and the tall – every form possible. This was new in such a place, in such a role. Her pulse quickened. Sent by her controller to meet the Border Crosser, she had expected short. Short, he was not. Tall, loose limbed, his dark hair gleaming in feathery strands to his shoulders, he returned her gaze and did not straighten up in deference to her as she would have expected.

There’s an etiquette that Selinda follows in this first novella of the Bookshop Demon novellas.  In this case she has directed it at the wrong sort. You can find out what happens in ‘Dark Discovery’ currently published as an e-book on Amazon. The Demon brotherhood also has a discovery or two thanks to their Demon Slayer. Yes, their Demon Slayer.

These are not demons as might be commonly understood. They are not inherently evil. They aim to live amongst humankind unnoticed except to the degree that they may attract admiration.

In ‘Dark Discovery’ Selinda finds demons are not to be feared so much as other sentient things inhabiting the Border.

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