MIND OUT republished

Now available from all good e-book stores as well as Amazon. Here’s the link Available to purchase here.  

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The sequel to ‘Mind Out’ is mostly written but there’ll be some editing to do yet. There are some new characters with their own angsts to contend with. The trick for me is to resolve their problems without someone having a ghastly disaster – no promises. Sometimes life is like that.

The premise for this particular book and the Blazemaker Series, is mind evolution. I feel quite strongly that so-called ‘autism’ is a leap in brain evolution. If we’re worried about A.I. then this new path humankind is moving along will control the A.I. evolution. Autism is a whole new way of thinking – it’s very lateral and for that matter, multi-dimensional. A.I. has to be developed along a logical framework which in effect, is limited dimensionally. At least, for now.

Of course there are degrees within the autism spectrum which can prove highly daunting when it comes to helping those beings so endowed, to ‘fit in’ socially. I am not saying the evolutionary path is a smooth one. I don’t think it ever has been. All I can say is when an autistic child is born to highly intelligent people (which is more often the case than not), they are able to release that child’s potential better than others. More guidance on this is badly needed in the world. In particular refer to the site Autism and Oughtisms – Dealing with the endless ‘oughts’ of parenting and autism. The writer no longer blogs here but she has left the articles up as they are still valid – and she now finds people have copied and published them as their own work!

I look forward to hearing from readers in due course.  I hope you’ll enjoy this particular book; more on the way.



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