Mind Out

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Blazemaker Series; Book 1

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“MIND OUT” is a story of romance and of heroism against odds; the more so because the difficulties arise from within the main characters. They are forced to confront and overcome divisions within themselves or lose their advanced minds, and worse, their lives to a dark force.

This is a novel set at the end of the 21st Century when the human mind has developed to an extraordinary extent. The setting is New Zealand – a fractured country which has since times of prehistory forced challenges on its inhabitants that have created warriors, driven to powerful conquest.

Now in this modern futuristic time, history is repeated as the challenges of old permit the development of mentally powerful beings. The fractures have not been banished. They remain, running just as deep but in a form that is different and more dangerous.

There is no guarantee of survival for the two protagonists – or if they do survive, whether they will ever be quite the same…

Book 2 will follow in due course. In the Blazemaker Series Book 2, the same characters will appear but there are two new protagonists who have links to the characters in Book 1. I will write more about them in the back pages of Book 1.


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