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Great review; This is the second novella in the Bookstore Demons series and although not my usual genre, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story isn’t about demons wreaking havoc or trying to destroy the earth, rather it’s about life and love within their own demon brotherhood – spicy sex scenes included.
If you enjoy seeing a feisty heroine turn an alpha demon weak at the knees, I highly recommend Emerald’s story, along with the other books in Pamela Gervai’s Demon Novella Series.

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Sequels to current novels available are underway and will be on the e-book sites soon too.  As I write the demon series I reflect on the underlying theme I tend to write to in my work. Basically my theme is kindness and tolerance for others no matter how different they might be. Appearances are one thing and can surely attract but does the personality measure up?  We all have flaws and fears and misguided beliefs at times but the challenge is to recognize and work to overcome them. It might take a lifetime to figure out what drives us towards, or what drives us from, taking action but even if it arrives late, the discovery can be a wonderful revelation.

Also I thoroughly enjoy people who have a developed sense of humour. Laughter is a gift from the gods, I believe. If I can make it work in my writing, I’m delighted. There are so many forms of humour. I try to make use of them all – but never maliciously. The banana skin slip can be pretty funny, but not if someone is badly hurt. Humour can be hurtful and bullying. I stay away from that.  I might explore a bullying villain at some stage – in fact I’ve been writing a psychological thriller but as yet that isn’t publishable. I want to get the sequels out for the Hamesmen, Blazemaker, and Light Angel series first.

What adventures us writers have! I have so many fantastic dimensions to explore – the ideas come so thick and fast I think I’ll have to come back in another life to write them all down.

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