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This is the site for Romance with the Unexpected, Contemporary and  Other World. You’ve come to the right place for a new perspective. Have an explore here for some fresh ideas. If you’re a writer there are tips and writing exercises in the Blog. If you’re a reader you’ll find some short stories from that ‘far side’ or possibly closer to home than you might like to imagine.

Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and Contemporary are my focus.

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Latest articles from the blog

Fair in Love And War

Not likely. No fair in Love or in War if you want to keep your reader’s attention.

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They say most people hate change but it isn’t true.  The most popular novels embrace Change

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Dialogue Tags; A tri-fold Writing Asset.

‘He said, she said,’ are unobtrusive tags but can be overdone. Sometimes you can avoid using this altogether

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Dear Pamela  I wanted to thank you

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