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This is the site for Romance with the Unexpected, Contemporary and  Other World. You’ve come to the right place for a new perspective. Have an explore here for some fresh ideas. If you’re a writer there are tips and writing exercises in the Blog. If you’re a reader you’ll find some short stories from that ‘far side’ or possibly closer to home than you might like to imagine.

Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and Contemporary are my focus.

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Latest articles from the blog

JULY ’11 newsletter response

Thank you to Charlotte Allan who sent in this response to the July exercise on conflict. She hasn’t stuck completely to the brief

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I covered this in brief in my July newsletter but only insofar as it concerned conflict between characters. Remember ‘conflict’ does not necessarilly mean shoot to kill or fist fights. It is largely about differing points of view

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Competition Success

It’s always worth putting something forward. In this case it was a ‘yummy hero in 200 words’ and he won me a lecture pack from Margie Lawson – that wonderful behavioural psychologist who has taught many successful published writers how to enhance their work. .

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Information for Writers

Information for the writer

You just never know when something might be the very thing you’ve been looking for. Ever expereienced Writers’ Block?

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