Profusion – or not?

IMG_0376The suggestion by most publishers is for writers to stick to one genre. I agree with this insofar as reader expectation can be upset by a switch to something else – unless the writer changes their name for each genre in which they choose to write. However – check out this photograph of orchids. They are the one species but their variety of form, texture and colour is astounding. That is the rainbow form I find is available to me within the fantasy genre.

Fantasy encompasses: Paranormal – the shifty world of vampires and shape changers or other world dimensions; Dystopian – a future time when a world catastrophe has led to a new way of life for the inhabitants; Science Fiction – basing the story usually in some future period using scientific bases for the protagonists’ world scene; Contemporary – present day inhabitants living beneath the radar or ‘off the grill’ in a place unknown except by a few scientists/new agers – and of course the fantasy part is the story. Such people do exist and most of the time just quietly live ‘normal’ lives except that they stay unregistered as much as they can.

You may have noticed that I list that I write Contemporary as well. Some of my readers have asked what this means. I am not including that in the above Fantasy genre . This is particular line comes under the Romance area. It’s one I may well choose to put under another writer name if this takes off for me.

Right now I am concentrating on completing a 5 novella collection in Fantasy – Paranormal.  Three are completed – bar some final editing. My goal is to publish this before year’s end. Look for updates on this site. I will publish a short story here based on the world these stories are set in as an introduction before I place the Collection on its publishing platform.


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