Sarah’s Time – novella

The third in the Bookstore Demon novella series.

Peruse Sarah’s Time here

I’ll produce a box-set eventually but meantime there’s another in the series on the way.

There is more to these Bookstore Demons than it may appear.  They look like any human – mind you those come in a startling range – and have the same emotional responses. Well, maybe they’re a bit more fiery and that gets them into trouble from time to time. The saying of there being no smoke without a fire is often too true of these demons.

The Bookstore demons aren’t ‘demonic’ in the usual fire and brimstone sort of understanding – they have no more tendency towards evil than any human might. In fact, because they have to guard against humans suspecting that they’re not human, they are generally far more careful than the regular human to do anything evil at all. They have a clear sense of moral duty too. You could almost call them angelic, but there’s rather too much fire and passion for that description.

In this novella, a demon has become overly attached to a human and the Slayer will be called into play. But in this case, the females of the Demon clan have other ideas, particularly relating to the demon’s human lover, Sarah. It is her time now to change tragedy into triumph – but there are many challenges to overcome that really aren’t humanly possible…

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