The Beginning


I stared at the envelope for the longest time. The handwriting; bold and commanding dared me to open it. I knew that hand. I dreaded what he had to tell me. Why hadn’t he returned my calls, my texts, my increasingly worried and then despairing PMs? Now this. It looked like goodbye. I left the envelope on the coffee table and looked for the whisky bottle. No. I came back to the table. I’d take the whisky neat after the goodbye if I had to. With shaking fingers I slit open the envelope and pulled out a small note:


Catherine, if you really do love me as I desperately love and need you, place your finger on the heart and all will be revealed.


Beneath these words was a tiny golden heart stuck to the paper.  I was filled with joy –  he loved and needed me – but had he gone crazy? I faltered in my elation.  Was that what had happened? He’d been assigned to a mental home and one of the staff must have delivered the envelope to my letter-box – there was no postage stamp. Tentatively  I touched my finger to the little golden heart.  My surroundings vanished in a roar. I hadn’t drunk the whisky but my head whirled as if I had. Then, thump! I was upright on my feet.  Gold and silver hearts danced around and above my head held like leaves suspended on slender branches. I seemed to be in an enchanted forest with tiny white fairy lights strung all around a small clearing – but I hardly noticed.  At my feet in a scattered pool of silver knelt the only person I truly ever loved, holding up an opened velvet box. In it  nestled a delicate gold ring on which gleamed a heart shaped ruby.

‘Catherine! If you’ll have me I’ll explain all this. You have my heart already.’

Suffice to say I didn’t hesitate. The Elf Lord has my heart, as I have his – but this story has only just begun…


I wrote this in response to a challenge from the Editor of ‘Heart to Heart’ (RWNZ magazine) to write a scene. The prompt I selected was the picture above and the opening lines to this little story. I rather think I’ll use this in a forthcoming novel.





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