The Joy of Books

I have had several of my books professionally printed, as you can see here, laid out on my table at the book fair a couple of weeks agoin Ponsonby.
These and others are also available as e-books.
I find myself going back to my own books and enjoying them in the printed form as if I’m reading books by a different author. So much so, I will be getting all my books printed in future.
I have The Bookstore Demons series, books 1 to 3 combined available only in print, in fact. The three novellas are available separately as e-books. They are able to be read as stand alone, but it makes more sense to begin with Dark Discovery, then Emerald’s Story, and third, Sarah’s Time. I enjoyed being able to add humour in these productions. It was easier to do in this fantasy world, than in some of muy more angst ridden novels. Forced humour really doesn’t work. It’s also more fun for the author of it just develops naturally from the context.
I usually read a book every week; sometimes two. It’s not that I have more time to read than most people either. I just read very fast. The words flow into thought for me and create both mood and picture to the extent that I forget I’m reading and get immersed in the story. Does this happen to other people?
Hence for me the JOY of BOOKS.

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