Understanding Language

What constitutes language? Is it words? Is that the only way we communicate? If you have been following my Tweets you will see I have been investigating a number of sites on language definition.  You can convey meaning with flowers, mood with colour, feelings with body gestures. In fact, physical motion of the face, hands, the entire body can convey language more meaningfully than words. Observe your friends in animated conversation. Do they sit still or jiggle? What about their faces? Eyebrows lift, lips change shape, eyes widen or narrow depending on the situation or topic.

Try sitting in a room painted in dark colours and then in one coloured brightly. You may be surprised at how quickly you are affected. Blue is best for business and don’t wear red into the examination room.

In Victorian and Elizabethan times, flowers conveyed subtle messages. They still do. If a sensitive admirer presents you with a bouquet dominated by one particular flower, take a look at the Flower Dictionary on the internet. He may be endeavouring to convey something to you he cannot put into words.

Language is more than words. Animals have their own languages too.  It is usually easy to perceive the difference between attraction and enmity, especially in spring when the hormones are going wild. It is not so easy once relationships have been established. Fight and the mating ritual are easily mistaken for each other. Even humans get muddled up with love and hate. They are perspectives of the same deep emotion. It is when there is no emotion that there is also no relationship.


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