Washing and Writing

Book lovers out there – what do you think writers do in their spare time? We’re readers a lot of the time but we do chores just like everyone else – like washing. And that brings me to thinking that writing and washing have more in common than their beginning letters. It’s all to do with discipline really. Collect the washing/ collect the words. Load the washing-machine/ load the plot. Separate the colours, dark and light, normal versus delicate/ and here you have your character similes. Get it moving/writing then take it out. How are you going to sort it now? I like to get my washing out on the line to blow in the breeze and let the sunlight remove any residual bacteria hanging in there. Same with my writing – put it out in places to air the best it can. Edit out residual cliches, multiple repeats, excess words.

Finally fold that washing off the line and place it in the spaces it should occupy. And the writing simile? Get the chapters into order so everything’s where it should be and TA-DAH.

Well almost, ‘ta-dah’. Because we then have our audience to please – our readers, the wearers of what we’ve tidied/ironed/ put away where we think it belongs best. And what we think is not necessarily what our readers/ agents/ publishers want at all.

‘Where are my socks?’ ¬†Or ‘Where is that ‘aw’ moment we wanted/ the Happy Ever After isn’t emphatic enough/ or ‘smacks of deus ex machina’.

Okay. Just as well I like Writing. In fact I like Washing too. And Water. Some day this is all going to come together in the best story ever. (One can dream.)

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2 responses to “Washing and Writing”

  1. Shirey Wine says:

    I do like this analogy Pamela, and it is so germane to so many plot situations … “deep water” for me conjures up the need to peel away the layers and delve into the depths of a characters psyche.

    • Pamela Gervai says:

      thank you Shirley. Yes I like your observation on peeling away the layers to reach the depths of a character’s psyche. That is so well put.

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