Water on my Mind

In my novel ‘Tides of Tomorrow‘ I make mention of water-rich New Zealand. Well! Currently we have a drought in Auckland which is the main city of our country. The North Island is also suffering a drought, which is particularly hard for our agricultural sector. For those who don’t know, New Zealand is a group of 2 large islands and a third smaller one plus several little islands scattered around way down in the Southern Hemisphere. Our population numbers 5 million, over a million of whom reside in Auckland. We’re tiny in comparison to the world’s larger cities but our infrastructure is struggling as the population increases. We’re a popular country – considered safe and largely pollution free – so our immigration numbers have increased and our water services amongst others need attention. We have also by dint of government management and lock-down achieved a status of being Covid19 free. Our borders are closed. Things may change once we permit entry again.

We normally have plenty of rainfall and a temperate climate but climate change has affected us like the rest of the world. We have enjoyed a wonderful long summer all the way into our current autumn. In fact it has been so mild that although winter officially begins in a few days most of us haven’t yet worn coats and jerseys.

Back to the ‘water-rich’; we are! We’re a long country bordered by the Pacific Ocean on all sides so we have an enormous coastline. Desalination Plants would soon see us not wanting of water at all. We do have lots of rivers and lakes so we’re not bereft of fresh water inland, and away from the cities we use tank water. Most rural houses run pipes from their roof gutters to large round tanks that accumulate plenty of water for the residents’ use. There are also bores and springs in many places. Climate change has seen all these run dry so a longer term plan is needed.

Maybe TIDES OF TOMORROW truly bears news of our future.

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