Wild Romance


You can find romance anywhere. Even the Snake in the Grass is romantically inclined in the spring.  The villain has a heart unless he’s a vampire – but even then, he is usually driven by desire. You’ll discover Seeth in my ‘Fire in the Blood’ and he deserves your empathy even if he does have an antagonistic role. He’s  the lord of the Border Runners who have vampiric natures but are not exactly true to vampire form. They do understand romance. You can imagine how muddled up Shape Shifters can become with their human nature sometimes warring with their creature shift. I have a bear shifter whose grumpy nature loses him the beings he most needs on side. You’ll find out how he has to come to terms with his romantic side in book 2 of the Light Angel series. ‘Ice in the Blood’ is mostly written but has to go to my editor before it gets published – that will be as both e-book and printed.

Meantime another novel is ready to go. ‘Tides of Tomorrow’ features sci fi romance in a future setting – perhaps not so very futuristic should politics at play currently start a promised clash. This is is for the  Young Adult audience, like ‘Hunger Games’ but adults will find plenty to keep them reading.  This is the first in the Hames Hunter series – but further books in this series are some way off yet.  ‘Tides of Tomorrow’ is waiting on cover design currently. I look forward to your meeting Jaxon and Cay; both strong characters with more in common than they realise.

What is your definition of Romance? Do you agree you can find it in all walks of life? I believe even creatures in the sea respond to its drive – and it isn’t simply sex and courtship. Even fish display particular desire to be with one mate, and that can last their lifetime.

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