Writers’ Retreat

A big part of becoming a successful writer is to become a disciplined one. That means making a time to write every day. Of course life has a way of intervening in the best laid plans of mice, men and writers. Family demands often have to take priority. One way of overcoming these priorities which you normally cannot deny, is to designate a time in advance when family, friends and hangers on are made well aware that you will not be available.

Early this month I was fortunate in being able to plan such a space for myself and three writer friends from Auckland Chapter. We took the weekend and had some productive hours and a good sociable time too at our beach house at Mangawhai Heads. I was able to complete a 70,000 word YA paranormal romance so it was very productive for me. I’ve put it aside now for six weeks and will do a final review after that when any glaring anomalies should pop out with a fresh read.

It’s well worth organising one of these retreats whatever business you may be in. Being able to relax with friends who understand the same language – as in ‘we all speak Writer’ – is a huge benefit. The same impetus to write follows a Writing Conference and our monthly RWNZ Auckland Chapter meetings.  Our first one for the year is scheduled for this Saturday.

The photo shows one of the favourite writing nooks taken advantage of by Jo Fereday at our Writing Retreat Weekend.

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